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Supply Management, Purchasing, and Financial News from the Institute for Supply Management

 January 2016 Non-Manufacturing ISM Report On Business
 January 2016 Manufacturing ISM Report On Business
 ISM Makes Annual Adjustments to Seasonal Factors for ISM Manufacturing PMI and Diffusion Indexes and ISM Non-Manufacturing NMI and Diffusion Indexes
 December 2015 Non-Manufacturing ISM Report On Business
 December 2015 Manufacturing ISM Report On Business
 ISM Makes Annual Adjustments to Seasonal Factors for ISM Manufacturing PMI and Diffusion Indexes and ISM Non-Manufacturing NMI and Diffusion Indexes

Based on input from an outside third party, Institute for Supply Management™ recently announced the completion of its annual adjustments to the seasonal factors used in the monthly Institute for Supply Management™ (ISM) Manufacturing Report On Business® and the monthly Institute for Supply Management™ (ISM) Non-Manufacturing Report On Business®.

 November 2015 Manufacturing ISM Report On Business
 November 2015 Non-Manufacturing ISM Report On Business
 October 2015 Non-Manufacturing ISM Report On Business

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Consulting Industry NewsWatch: Vol. IX, No. 1
Monadnock Research CIN - 7 Jan 16
Table of Contents: (1) McKinsey Director and State Farm Internal Consultant Indicted in $900,000 Fraudulent Procurement Scheme; (2) Reed Group Acquires Aon Hewitt's Absence Management Group; (3) Wipro to Acquire New Jersey-based BPaaS Consulting and Services Firm, Viteos for $130 Million; (4) Navigant Acquires Healthcare Management Consultancy, McKinnis, for $62 Million; (5) Accenture to Acquire Trading Systems Consultancy, Formicary; (6) Huron Closes $112 Million Sale of Huron Legal to Consilio; (7) Accenture Acquires Netherlands Salesforce Consultancy, CRMWaypoint; (8) Consulting Leadership: Wipro, Aon Hewitt, Patomak, Huron and Navigant. (2,015 words) . . . More
Consulting Category Management: Stages of Excellence
Monadnock Research (Vol VII, No 8) – 5 June 14
Organizations that employ category management best practices to better leverage the organization's management and IT consulting spending can realize between 10 and 20 percent in annual savings and cost avoidance, and other important forms of previously unexploited value. Realizing those benefits, however, is one of the most significant challenges organizations face. The key distinctions between Transaction Executers, Policy & Process Builders, Sustainability Managers and Value Leaders are profiled and analyzed. This Research Note provides an update to the Monadnock Research Consulting Category Management Stages of Excellence, first published in 2009 and widely viewed as the benchmark for assessing consulting category management at global companies and large public service organizations. (15 pages, 1 graphic). . . . More
Consulting Industry NewsWatch: Vol. VII, No. 6
Monadnock Research - 20 March 2014
Table of Contents: (1) PwC Sets Plan to Become Top 20 Legal Services Provider by 2019; (2) Re: The Auditors Publishes MR's "Big Four Fiscal 2013 Advisory Practice Rankings and Conflict Risk Metrics"; (3) EY Acquires Business Process Management Consultancy, BPM Specialists; (4) Steria Acquires Cloud Consulting Specialist, Beamap; (5) NERA Economic Consulting Establishes Office in Mexico City; (6) Tata Consultancy Services and Infosys Lower Earnings Expectations; (7) Consulting Leadership: KPMG, MCA and A.T.Kearney; and (8) Thought Leadership: World Bank, Deloitte HBR-McKinsey. (1,300 words) . . . More
Consulting Industry NewsWatch: Vol. VII, No. 3
NewsWatch - 20 Feb 2014
Table of Contents: (1) Big Four Fiscal 2013 Advisory Practice Rankings and Conflict Risk Metrics; (2) Sapient Acquires OnPoint; (3) Sopra Completes Acquisition of Banking Operation of COR&FJA; (4) Deloitte Opens First US "Greenhouse" in Chicago; (5) Appointments: Navigant, Huron, Segal and Deloitte; and (6) Thought Leadership: McKinsey, PwC and Deloitte. (1,400 words) . . . More
Accenture to Acquire Procurement BPO Specialist, Procurian
Monadnock Research - 4 October 2013
Accenture has reached an agreement to acquire Procurian, a leading provider of strategic sourcing business process services. The $375 million cash acquisition, according to Accenture, will further enhance its procurement business process outsourcing (BPO) capabilities across a range of industries including consumer goods, high-tech and financial services, and will add key analytics capabilities and technology assets. The deal remains subject to certain closing conditions, including working capital, cash and debt adjustments. ICG expects to realize around $324 million in the sale, and a portion of the proceeds will be held in escrow to satisfy potential indemnification claims. Procurian has delivery locations in the US, India, the UK, the Czech Republic, China and Brazil, and is a subsidiary of ICG Group, who will now focus exclusively on cloud services. Procurian has around 780 staff members that are expected to join Accenture in the deal, which they plan to close by the end of the year. (550 words) . . . More
Heavy-Handed Procurement Policy Consequences in Tough Economic Times: Yankee Group Acquisition by 451 Group
Monadnock Research (Vol VI, No 2) - 9 Jan 2013
The Yankee Group, one of the technology research and advisory sector's pioneers, has been acquired by the 451 Group from Alta Communications, a Boston-based private equity firm. The transaction price was the firm's debt, plus a dollar. This Research Note uses the Yankee Group's acquisition by 451 as an example of the client consequences of heavy-handed consulting services sourcing and procurement policies in tough economic times, and how that will later translate into higher client costs and diminished value delivered to the world's largest global public and private client organizations. Research Note includes further analysis of the Celerant acquisition and Monitor bankruptcy. (4,415 words) . . . More
Rate Factors: The 10 Key Dynamics of Consulting and Advisory Services Rate Models (3 of 3)
Monadnock Research (Vol V, No 24) - 26 Oct 2012
This Research Note presents the final three of ten key elements that impact consulting rates, and shows how each combines to influence rates and set fees that clients ultimately pay. We cover key factors that are essential to create consulting rate models; analyze firm capabilities, proposals and rate cards; establish and update strategic supplier Master Service Agreements; and negotiate Statements of Work for consulting engagements. This Note is part three in a three-part series focusing on Practice Development; Reputation; and Client/Firm Size and Stability factors. (2,315 words; Team license: . . . More
Monadnock Research Introduces Customized Consulting Rate Research
Monadnock Research - 22 August 2012
Organizations can now purchase customized consulting and advisory services rate research deliverables based on specific consulting market segments, geographic markets and levels of professional. If one or more of the circumstances below applies to your situation, we might be able to help. Do you need custom rate research for: A unique combination of consulting practice areas? Only a specific geographic area? Certain levels of professional? Operations consulting, but only rates of the Big Four, or weekly strategy rates for largest strategy specialists in France, or another customized group of firms? Rate ranges for IT consulting work in China or the UAE? Some variation of the above? Contact us for more information via our contact page: . . . More
Strategy Consultancies Have Most Challenging Job Interview Processes of Any Organization
Monadnock Research (Vol V, No 20) - 18 August 2012
Seven of the top 10 most challenging interview processes in a recent Glassdoor study of US organizations were consulting firms. Five of the top 10 companies generate most of their revenues from Strategy consulting. Forty-four percent of the top 25 companies were consultancies. McKinsey, BCG, Oliver Wyman, A.T.Kearney, ZS Associates, Thoughtworks and Bain & Co. were the top 7 companies in the rankings. Research Note includes MR perspective on why the rigorous processes employed by these firms are so important to the clients they serve. (420 words) . . . More
Rate Factors: The 10 Key Dynamics of Consulting and Advisory Services Rate Models (1 of 3)
Monadnock Research (Vol V, No 18) - 10 Aug 2012
The average global rate for a consultant in 2011 across all practice areas and industries was $216 per hour. That rate might have interesting historical value, but it's a meaningless statistic to most clients. What's relevant, for example, is what a reasonable MSA rate for Deloitte professionals would be in Switzerland for organizational strategy work next year if global strategy spend is expected to be around $2.5 million in 2013. This report helps clients answer those difficult questions by understanding how to analyze the key elements that impact fees. There are ten key dynamics that influence rates for consulting and advisory services. This report offers perspective on those factors, and shows how each combines to influence rates and set fees that clients ultimately pay. We do not provide exhaustive detail on each factor. But we do cover the key elements that are essential to understand for creating consulting rate models; analyzing firm capabilities, proposals and rate cards; establishing and updating strategic supplier Master Service Agreements; and negotiating Statements of Work for consulting engagements. This Research Note is the first in a 3-part series, focusing on Economics, Competence, Markets and Competition factors. It also contains 6 charts detailing mean rates across Strategy, Operations, HR and IT consulting, and Financial and Business Advisory services. (4,600 words; Team license: . . . More
KPMG to Acquire German Supply Chain Advisory, BrainNet
Monadnock Research - 16 June 2012
KPMG has agreed to acquire BrainNet Supply Management Group, a Germany-headquartered consulting specialist in the area of procurement and supply chain management. The acquisition is expected to enhance the capabilities of member firms' in the design and optimization of global supply chains, and broadens service offering to support clients across their entire value chain. KPMG will create a global Center of Excellence as part of the transaction to provide support for the procurement and supply chain management offering of member firms, including BrainNet. (440 words) . . . More
Freddie Mac Consulting Contracts with Gingrich Group at Center of US Presidential Campaign Politics
Monadnock Research (Vol V, No 2) - 9 February 2012
The former consulting firm of US Republican Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has released 1999 and 2006 contracts between Gingrich and US mortgage giant Freddie Mac (NYSE: FMCC). Gingrich relinquished ownership in his former consultancy in May 2010, after announcing his candidacy for US President. While Gingrich characterizes the work as strategy consulting, the Romney campaign has called it lobbying and influence peddling on behalf of Freddie Mac. Part of the scope of services in the 1999 agreement appears to support the Romney campaign's assertion. Research Note includes copies of the two agreements; a profile of the Gingrich Group; analysis of agreement terms; detail on fee structures; and potential impact of allegations against Gingrich, and by Gingrich against Romney's work at Bain and Bain Capital, on the presidential campaigns of the two former consulting firm leaders. (1,500 words) . . . More
BDO Wins Arkansas Supreme Court Appeal to Arbitrate Fraud Allegations
Monadnock Research (Vol V, No 1) - 14 January 2012
BDO Seidman has won an appeal against Straits Steel & Wire, forcing the client's allegations of fraud to be heard by arbitrators and not the courts. The Arkansas Supreme Court decision reverses a ruling of the Sebastian County Circuit Court, which had denied a motion by BDO to compel arbitration against Straits Steel & Wire, Co. and its affiliates. The case involves tax consulting services and allegedly fraudulent tax shelters. BDO successfully argued on appeal that the circuit court erred in denying arbitration because it was the dispute resolution mechanism of choice in agreements signed by the parties. SSW attempted to get around the dispute resolution choice by claiming unconscionability of the alleged fraud. SSW claims breach of fiduciary duty, negligence and professional malpractice, negligent misrepresentation, disgorgement of excessive and illegal fees, fraudulent inducement, fraudulent concealment, fraud, civil conspiracy and breach of contract. Research Note includes Arkansas Supreme Court ruling and MR perspective on the inherent system bias of arbitration clauses in consulting agreements. (1,375 words) . . . More
Lions Gate Sued for Non-Payment Under Terms of Performance-Based Consulting Agreement; Highlights Challenges Small Firms Face in Client Litigation
Monadnock Research (Vol IV, No 41) - 1 Dec 2011
MR - A small consulting firm based in Los Angeles, GBB Consulting, has sued Lions Gate Films over non-payment in a performance-based fee arrangement associated with Nicole Kidman's film, "Rabbit Hole". The suit, filed on 22 November 2011, alleges breach of contract. Kidman was nominated for an Oscar and won a Screen Actors Guild (SAG) award for her performance in the film. GBB claims it wasn't compensated for its services and role in helping to secure Kidman's award and nomination. While the claimed damages are only around $115,000, the case highlights the challenges many small firms face in working with larger organizations with significant resources in high-stakes engagements. Research Note includes a copy of the complaint and MR perspective on the consequences of playing hard-ball and cost-shifting to small and mid-market firms in the current economic environment. (740 words) . . . More
P&G Awards Ernst & Young and Infosys for Supplier Excellence
Monadnock Research - 10 November 2011
MR - P&G conferred its highest supplier honor, Business Partner of the Year, upon Ernst & Young, Infosys, and 10 other companies for 2011. E&Y was honored for its non-audit advisory work. P&G has more than 75,000 suppliers globally. This year under 1% of its partners were among those selected for awards. Business partners consistently performing at high levels within P&G's internal performance management system earned an Excellence Award. A total of 86 external partners were recognized this year. Beyond Business Partner of the Year recipients Ernst & Young and Infosys, 12 firms providing consulting services as part of their offering were also 2011 Excellence Award recipients. (450 words) . . . More
Wellogix Prevails in Trade Secret Theft Case Against Accenture
Monadnock Research (Vol IV, No 38) - 2 Nov 2011
MR - Accenture will likely pay around $49 million in compensatory and punitive damages to a former software and services partner, Wellogix, in a trade secret theft and misappropriation case involving SAP and their client, British Petroleum. The court's latest order lowers a $94.38 million jury verdict against Accenture in May 2011. The Texas jury found that Accenture intentionally misappropriated trade secrets from Wellogix, and then knowingly copied, communicated and/or transmitted them without Wellogix's permission. Wellogix has asserted that the associated acts drove it out of the business of providing complex process procure to pay software and services to energy clients. This Monadnock Research Note includes case details; information on additional patent infringement actions involving energy sector clients; copies of complaints against Accenture, BP, and SAP; the Wellogix v. Accenture jury verdict; and various agreements that served as exhibits at trial. (450 words) . . . More
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