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Consulting Industry NewsWatch: Vol. VIII, No. 11
Monadnock Research CIN - 29 May 15
Table of Contents: (1) Boston Consulting Group Acquires Transformation Specialist, Brighthouse; (2) BearingPoint Acquired Nordic Digital Consultancy, Magenta; (3) Evercore to Acquire Investment Banking Advisor, Kuna & Co.; (4) ACME Business Consulting Acquired by North Highland; (5) Consulting Leadership: FTI, BearingPoint and NERA; and (6) Thought Leadership: BCG, FTI and BDO. (1,675 words) . . . More
Consulting Industry NewsWatch: Vol. VIII, No. 10
Monadnock Research CIN - 22 May 15
Table of Contents: (1) Computer Sciences Corp to Split Into Two Independently Traded Firms; (2) McKinsey & Co. Acquires Design Consultancy, LUNAR; (3) Accenture Agrees to Acquire Retail Strategy and Digital Services Firm, Javelin Group; (4) Digital Consultancy, Rightpoint, Lands $55 Million Investment from Stella Point; (5) KPMG Completes Acquisition of Beacon Partners; UK Practice Acquires Nunwood; (6) BDO Agrees to Acquire Midwestern US Audit and Consulting Operations of Stone Carlie & Company; (7) Consulting Leadership: BearingPoint, Hourly Nerd, EY and KPMG; and (8) Thought Leadership: A.T. Kearney, US Census Bureau, EY and the World Economic Forum. (2,100 words) . . . More
Consulting Industry NewsWatch: Vol. VIII, No. 3
Monadnock Research CIN - 11 Feb 15
Table of Contents: (1) 2015 IT Strategy Consulting Rates: India; (2) UK Parliament Committee Accuses PwC and Others of Creating Tax Avoidance Schemes; (3) Oliver Wyman's CAVOC Acquires Aviation Specialist, TeamSAI; (4) Accenture Agrees to Acquire Agilex; Closes Reactive Media and Structure Acquisitions; (5) Capita Accused of Procurement Violations in UK; (6) Huron Reaches Agreement to Acquire Studer Group; (7) Infosys Restructures Global Operations; (8) Consulting Leadership: Deloitte, West Monroe, PwC, Navigant, Huron, Wipro and Prophet; and (9) Thought Leadership: BearingPoint and KPMG. (2,180 words) . . . More
Consulting Industry NewsWatch: Vol. VII, No. 19
Monadnock Research CIN - 14 August 2014
Table of Contents: (1) Big Four Takeovers Raise Concerns; (2) KPMG Acquires Workday Consulting Practice; (3) Clients Show Little Interest in Big Four Legal Services; (4) PwC US and India Leaders Discuss Strategic Expansion of Consulting Business; (5) US Court Freezes Fee Expenditures in BNY Mellon - Mercer Estate Dispute; (6) Accenture to Acquire Hytracc Consulting; (7) Sopra Public Exchange Offer for Steria Successful; (8) BDO USA's Proportion of Consulting to Assurance Business Relatively Unchanged in Fiscal 2014; (9) Federal Indictment of Dallas Official Places Spotlight on Bankrupt BearingPoint; (10) Huron Legal Launches Cyber Security Incident Response Offering; (11) Consulting Leadership: Deloitte, PwC and EY; and (12) Thought Leadership: Deloitte. (2,365 words) . . . More
Consulting Industry NewsWatch: Vol. VII, No. 17
Monadnock Research CIN - 17 July 2014
Table of Contents: (1) 2014 Brazil IT Consulting Rates; (2) BCG Digital Ventures Acquires Australian Strategic Design Consultancy, S&C; (3) Argentina's Grupo ASSA Forms Strategic Alliances with West Monroe Partners and BearingPoint; (5) PKF Consulting Acquired by CBRE; (6) Consulting Leadership: BCG, Deloitte and FTI; and (7) Thought Leadership: PwC and BCG. (1,315 words) . . . More
Consulting Industry NewsWatch: Vol. VII, No 1.
NewsWatch - 29 Jan 2014
Table of Contents: (1) KPMG Charged with Violating Auditor Independence: Settles Charges for $8.5 Million; (2) MR Operations Consulting Rate Research Series Completed: 25 Reports Published; (3) SEC Suspends China Big Four Affiliates from Auditing US-Listed Firms; (4) BCG Launches Digital Strategy Practice; PwC's Booz&Co Re-Launches Booz Digital; (5) Deloitte University EMEA Launched in Brussels (6) PwC Forms Alliance with Ridge Schmitt Cyber; (7) Deloitte Digital Forms Alliance with Konrad Group in Canada; (8) BearingPoint Completes Acquisitions of Trinity Horne and RiValue; Revenues up 8.4Percent; (9) Accenture agrees to Acquire ClientHouse; and (10) Appointments: Deloitte, Bain, Deloitte, BearingPoint, Navigant and Accenture. (2,045 words) . . . More
Trustee Settles Breach of Fiduciary Duty Suit with Former BearingPoint CEO and Directors for $55 Million
Monadnock Research (Vol VI, No 16) - 22 March 2013
John DeGroote Services, the trustee assigned to handle the liquidation of the former BearingPoint's assets, has agreed to settle litigation against the firm's past Board members for $55 million. The suit, originally filed on 19 July 2011, was scheduled to commence before a jury in Fairfax, Virginia on 1 April 2013. According to the settlement documents, discovery to-date involved more than 6 million pages of materials, with nearly thirty individuals deposed and reports presented from thirteen expert witnesses. The claimed breach of fiduciary duty by directors allegedly forced BearingPoint to file bankruptcy in 2009, liquidating for just $396 million after the company had an aggregate value of $2.3 billion in July 2007. None of the parties admit-to any of the allegations against them in the proposed settlement. (Research Note includes the Settlement Agreement and the Motion for Entry of the Order, 800 words) . . . More
Judge Allows Fiduciary Irresponsibility Suit Against Bankrupt BearingPoint's Former Board and Officers to Continue
Monadnock Research (Vol V, No 12)- 1 June 2012
The liquidating trustee in the (former) BearingPoint bankruptcy, John DeGroote Services, has survived motions to dismiss the $1.88 billion civil suit for fiduciary irresponsibility. The suit was filed against the firm's then-CEO, Edwin Harbach, and 8 members of BearingPoint's board of directors at the time. The suits are filed against them personally, since they allegedly acted in bad faith and breached their fiduciary duties, eliminating liability exclusions that would have been covered by insurance or BearingPoint governance policies limiting liability. The breaches alleged by DeGroote forced BearingPoint's shareholders and creditors to file bankruptcy in February 2009, later liquidating for just $396 million in net proceeds, when the company had an aggregate value of $2.3 billion 19 months before. A former CFO that left after just 3 weeks on the job offers telling perspective on the alleged misconduct. Research Note includes case details and offers rejected from competitors and private equity firms, along with a copy of the complaint, court order and related documents. (1,600 words) . . . More
BearingPoint Makes Investment in Analytics Software and Services Firm, Effiscience
Monadnock Research - 23 January 2012
European management and IT consultancy, BearingPoint, has made a controlling investment in business analytics software and services firm, Effiscience. BearingPoint acquired 51% of Effiscience, the parent of HyperCube. The firm says the transaction will help it address business performance challenges facing clients as they figure out how to more effectively process the ever-expanding stores of data generated by business processes. The HyperCube non-statistical approach to data analysis has incorporated more than fifteen years of advanced mathematical research into its development. Clients span a number of industries, with concentrations in pharmaceuticals, biotech, financial services and communications. BearingPoint currently employs around 3,200 staff in 15 countries. (340 words) . . . More
Consulting Leadership News: Korn/Ferry, CSC, KPMG, BDO, Cushman & Wakefield, PwC, CGI, E&Y, Celerant, Navigant, Alvarez & Marsal, BearingPoint, Huron, Campbell-Hill
Monadnock Research - 27 Oct 2011
MR - Korn/Ferry appoints Chuck Feltz as President of its Lominger products business. CSC CEO and Chairman, Michael Laphen, to retire. KPMG LLP Names Steven Hill Vice Chair, Strategic Investments. Sixty staff and 6 partners join BDO USA from Carneiro Chumney & Co. Cushman & Wakefield cuts staff and shifts focus from Dubai to Bahrain. CGI appoints George Schindler President of US operations and Ken Taylor as Vice-President, Cybersecurity. PwC names Dietmar Ostermann Global Automotive Advisory Leader. PwC appoints Eric Israel and Clinton Moloney as Managing Directors in Sustainability Business Solutions practice. Martin Steinbach appointed to lead Ernst& Young's IPO Center. BDO Consulting names Drew Olson to expand litigation and fraud investigation within Chicago Insurance practice. Celerant appoints Neil Eurick as Vice President within Metals and Mining practice. BearingPoint hires Rob Staples as Partner in UK Communications practice. Navigant appoints nine senior consulting professionals. Alvarez & Marsal appoints Lou Pahountis as Managing Director. Huron names Joel Feliciano as Managing Director. AirTran Senior Executive Kevin Healy Joins Campbell-Hill Aviation Group; Eric K. Ford joins as Vice President. (2,735 words) . . . More
And in other news: Government Legal Advisory Boon; BearingPoint Creditor Payments; and PwC India Staffing Struggles
Monadnock Research - 22 August 2011
(MR) Government spending cuts a boon for legal service providers; BearingPoint has now returned $448 million to creditors; and PwC India struggles to maintain staff and top leadership at Indian affiliate in shadow of Satyam scandal. (343 words) . . . More
And in other news: Infosys, FTI, Capgemini, BearingPoint, Porsche, IBM, and Navigant
Monadnock Research - 29 July 2011
(MR) Infosys says whistleblower's allegations inaccurate; Announces quarterly results. FTI Consulting launches international arbitration service in Singapore. BearingPoint Directors to face $1.88 billion suit. Capgemini introduces social media IT service to complement its "Social Insight into Action" consulting. Navigant announces results that beat analyst estimates. Navigant acquires Ignited Discovery. Porsche Consulting to establish US subsidiary in Atlanta. IBM Announces New Innovation Lab Dedicated To Technology Services. (1040 words) . . . More
Consulting Leadership News: Ernst & Young, KPMG, Accenture, Capgemini, PwC, NERA, Deloitte, BearingPoint, Navigant, and BCG
Monadnock Research - 29 July 2011
MR - Ernst & Young announces 548 new partners worldwide; Appoints Herb Engert as the new Americas Leader of Strategic Growth Markets. KPMG International Chairman-elect, Michael Andrew, appoints global leadership team. Accenture names Paul Daugherty as Chief Technology Architect and Gavin Michael Chief Technology Innovation Officer. Accenture has also named Jorge Benitez managing director -- North America and Chief Executive. Capgemini will train 1,500 architects and developers globally on the Windows Asure cloud platform to support new partnership. Aon Appoints Greg Besio as Chief Human Resources Officer. BCG named former ING Group COO, Thomas J. McInerney, as Senior Advisor. PwC US Appoints Robert W. McCutcheon as New Industrial Products. Leader. Energy Expert Scott Bloomberg Joins NERA Economic Consulting. BearingPoint appoints 6 new Partners. Deloitte appoints Chris Harrop to lead nuclear capital programs. Navigant appoints William Hardin within Disputes & Investigations practice. Navigant appoints William Hardin within Disputes & Investigations practice; Adam Borison, PhD, has joined the firm's Energy Practice as a Director; Names Adam Borison, PhD, as Energy Practice Director (4,800 words) . . . More
PricewaterhouseCoopers Completes Diamond Acquisition; Launches PwC Diamond Advisory
Monadnock Research (VIII N53) - 3 November 2010
MR - PricewaterhouseCoopers has completed its $376 million acquisition of Diamond Management & Technology Consultants following shareholder approval on 2 November. Diamond's outstanding shares were acquired by PwC for $12.50 per share in the all-cash deal, and it is now an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of PwC's U.S. affiliate. All of Diamond's former Practice Partners joined PwC as partners or principals, and most of its professional staff appears to have been retained. There was likely, however, significant turnover among non-professional staff, since most of these functions were redundant and could be integrated within PwC's existing operations. PwC retains the Diamond brand, and the practice will now be know as PwC's Diamond Advisory Services. The organization will continue to be led by its former President and CEO, Adam Gutstein. (Research Note includes acquisition details; Synergy of client industries, service areas, and geographical focus; Staffing and operational metrics; Rationale for sale; Diamond employee stock and option treatment; PwC Diamond rate premium strategy; and MR consulting client perspective on transaction, risks, and motivation; 3 charts; 2,530 words) . . . More
West Monroe Partners Forms Strategic Alliance with BearingPoint (Europe)
Monadnock Research - 24 March 2010
MR - West Monroe Partners (WMP) and the former European operation of BearingPoint, now operating as an independent firm under the BearingPoint brand, have formed a strategic consulting alliance to expand their global market presence and to better serve international clients. Under the terms of their agreement BearingPoint and WMP will refer clients to one another in their home markets, collaborate on work in Europe and North America, and share intellectual capital. The firms will continue to focus on their respective home markets, while partnering on client work in other global locations. (390 words) . . . More
Yale Sued by BearingPoint Bankruptcy Trustee for Alleged Fraudulent and Preference Transfers
Monadnock Research - 15 March 2010
MR - The bankruptcy trusty for the former BearingPoint, John DeGroote, is attempting to sue Yale University to claw-back $8+ million plus interest in payments made to the university by BearingPoint. The payments relate to a $30 million transaction to endow a Chair in the Yale School of Management in perpetuity and for naming rights to Yale School of Management properties; and for an Education Collaboration Agreement. DeGroote, who is also the former President, Chief Legal Officer, and Secretary for BearingPoint, and its Chief Litigation Counsel from 2000 through 2008, claims that the payments constitute fraudulent transfers and preference transfers. (318 words) . . . More
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